Migrating blog to Hugo

Well, hasn’t it been a while? After all this time, I had to set up Octopress again, but I decided to migrate to Hugo instead.

I’m a big fan of static pages; they can be deployed anywhere, they’re fast, robust and most important secure. Also, they don’t need constant updates 😅 Of course, not everything can be done statically, but things like this little blog greatly benefit from it.

When I started the blog I decided to use Octopress. I really liked the concept, and I can tell that a great deal of effort and polish went into it. However, it’s not easy to configure (at least on Windows), and it’s usage could be more intuitive.

Since my last post I switched computers, so I needed to reconfigure everything again in order to make new posts… I heard about Hugo, so I decided to give it a try.

For the past couple of hours I’ve been setting up and migrating this blog, and I have to say it has been quite an easy transition. Of course, the fact that both platforms use Markdown helped enormously. Since Hugo is delivered as a single executable file, no setup was required, and the usage was simple enough. That said, their online documentation could be improved.

At first I got 404 error messages when trying to show the individual posts,although they were correctly listed in the main page. Turns out that I had to modify the configuration from each post, so I used regexp find & replace to change all posts at once with the appropiate changes.

Also, it was a bit difficult to pick a theme; they have a site dedicated to them, but each of them have different configuration and features… Quite many of them seem unsuitable for a blog site. In the end, I went for a extremely simple blog theme, but I had to check out a number of them.

So, after I was done, I checked the result using Hugo’s internal server, liked what I saw, and uploaded it. When I was using Octopress, I used s3cmd, but this time I decided to use AWS CLI, which seems quite complete and easy to use. I’m also using CloudFront, but at this point, I’m quite certain I’ll just host the blog on S3.

That’s all! Expect my JS1K writeup in the next few days. Thanks for reading 😄

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